About Brian London

Brian London loves research.  He has been conducting research, writing about research and talking about research since 1999.  At that time, the Tallahassee Regional Airport asked him to present the marketing and operational implications of their recent consumer satisfaction study.

He now works with organizations that desire to understand the marketplace; and position resources to take advantage of coming trends. He is called upon by leading leisure and hospitality companies, as well as the Associated Press, to share research and comment on international and domestic tourism developments affecting the industry.

Prior to starting his own company, Brian was the research analyst for VISIT FLORIDA, a Destination Marketing Organization responsible for marketing the State of Florida as a tourism destination; and the research manager for the St. Johns County (Florida) TDC. He specializes in performance measurement, economic impact, and advertising effectiveness.

In addition to conducting research, Brian publishes three industry publications: Travel Smart News – The Daily News Briefing; Travel Industry Indicators – Monthly Trend Letter and Pineapple Express along with a series of workbooks and guides.

Brian has also served on the international board of directors for the Travel and Tourism Research Association (TTRA), currently serves as Executive Director of the Southeast States Chapter of TTRA (SE TTRA) and currently manages the sales, marketing and management of Destinations International Accreditation Program.

Past Presentations: (Partial List)

  • Destinations International, Panel Participant – July 2017, Political Dark Matter and the Future of Destination Marketing
  • Destinations International, Session Coordinator – July 2017, Navigating the Destination Marketing Accreditation Program (DMAP)
  • Florida Association of Destination Marketing Associations, Speaker – June 2017, Piercing The Research Echo Chamber: How Research Best Practices are Keeping Florida DMOs from Achieving Extraordinary Success
  • Florida Attractions Association, Speaker – June 2017, The Research You Should Be Doing (and it doesn’t cost any money)
  • South Carolina Governor’s Conference, Speaker – February 2017, Turning Industry Trends into Marketing Insights
  • IMPLAN Conference, Speaker – June 2016, How DMOs calculate Economic Impact
  • Florida Association of Destination Marketing Organizations, Speaker – May 2016, Increasing Market Share and Keeping Elected Officials Happy
  • Florida’s Adventure Coast Tourism Day, Speaker – April 2016, The Future of the Florida Economy for Tourism
  • Travel and Tourism Research Association, Southeast Chapter, Master of Ceremonies – March 2016, Spring Symposium
  • DestiMetrics The Assembly for Year-Round Mountain Tourism, Speaker – January 2016, Increasing Market Share
  • Tennessee Tourism & Hospitality Conference, Speaker – August 2015, The Challenge of Change – How to Increase Market Share
  • Nevada Rural Round-Up, Speaker – March 2015, Generational Marketing
  • DestiMetrics The Assembly for Year-Round Mountain Tourism, Speaker – January 2015, The Future Role of Destination Marketing Organizations
  • Southeast Tourism Society, Speaker – November 2014, Increasing Visitation in the Off-Season
  • Travel and Tourism Research Association, International, Speaker – June 2014, How Destination Marketing Organizations Develop Research Programs
  • Travel and Tourism Research Association, International, Speaker – June 2013, Data Visualization Best Practices
  • Florida Association of Destination Marketing Organizations (formally Florida Association of Convention and Visitor Bureaus), Speaker – June 2013, How to Conduct an Economic Impact Study
  • Passenger Vessel Association, Keynote Speaker – February 2013, Branding, Trends and Marketing Advantages
  • Alabama Convention and Visitors Bureau Association, Keynote Speaker – June 2012, Branding, Trends and Marketing Advantages
  • Southeast Tourism Society Marketing College, Instructor – July 2011, Convention and Visitor Bureau Operations / Best Practices / Seminar
  • Florida Association of CVBs, Speaker – April 2011, Branding, Trends and Marketing Implications
  • Florida Association of CVBs, Speaker – September 2011, CVB Operations / Best Practices
  • International Journal of Tourism Anthropology, Published– January 2011, Social Media Lessons from the Gulf Oil Spill of 2010

CVB Operational Work: (Partial List)

  • DMAI Accreditation Facilitator for Experience Kissimmee (FL), 2016
  • DMAI Accreditation Facilitator for Visit Jacksonville (FL), 2015
  • DMAI Accreditation Facilitator for Amelia Island (FL) TDC, 2014
  • DMAI Re-Accreditation Facilitator for VISIT FLORIDA, 2014
  • DMAI Accreditation Consulting for Columbia County (FL), 2013
  • DMAI Accreditation Consulting for Montgomery (AL) CVB, 2011
  • DMAI Accreditation Facilitator for VISIT FLORIDA, 2010
  • DMAI Accreditation Facilitator for the St. Augustine (FL) CVB, 2008


Client Research: (Partial List)

  • Branding and Perception Research (Winchester, VA)
  • Member Benefits Research (Florida Attractions Association)
  • Welcome Center Research (Various)
  • Visitor Profile Research (Various)
  • Conversion Research (Various)
  • Restraints Research (Various)
  • Net-Promoter Score (Various)
  • On-going research and program design (Discover Martin, Experience Kissimmee, New Mexico Tourism Department)
  • Research program design: (Visit Jacksonville, VISIT FLORIDA)
  • German Travel Intentions and Perceptions of Travel to Florida (Florida Keys)
  • Scandinavian Travel Intentions and Perceptions of Travel to Florida (Florida Keys)
  • Identification and Analysis of Experiential Travelers (Florida Keys, St. Johns County)
  • Psychographic (Lifestyle) Analysis of Visitors to Florida destinations (Various)
  • Psychographic (Lifestyle) Analysis of Inquiry data for those interested in a Florida vacation (Various)